• Chicken pasta dish
  • Double cheeseburger
  • Salmon served with asparagus


About us

From 1928 until the early 70s, the corner of Kessler and College was home to Binkley’s Drug Store, which served the booming Broad Ripple, Forest Hills, and Meridian Kessler neighborhoods. Scores of youngsters got their first fountain drink, milkshake, banana split and, yes, cough medicine at Binkley’s. Years later, many of those same youngsters stopped in to buy their first baby formula, fifth-anniversary card and seventh pair of Foster Grants.  Today,  we still hear stories like these as guests come to dine in our little slice of nostalgia.  Gone are the soda jerks and pharmacy attendants but in their place, a wait staff and kitchen crew looking forward to making your brunch, lunch, dinner or private event a memorable one!

If you haven't heard already, Binkley's Kitchen and Bar is under new ownership and I would like to introduce myself. I am Courtney Chesebrough Whistler. Most will know me from Chatard High School or working around all of our locally owned restaurants and bars. More specifically Lulu's and Ambrosia. If you are currently a regular thank you and we hope you continue. If you are not then we would love the opportunity to meet you and become friends. This is a place that has been built on friendships and family for all ages and we hope to continue to enrich the neighborhood.